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Innovation and Industrial Development Division
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​The Norwegian defence has proven strong innovation ability through our traditional innovation model, also known as the Triaxial collaboration model. Strong and strategic collaboration between the Armed Forces, FFI and the defence industry has been an important criterion for success.


The innovation model has emerged over decades through the development of complex technological solutions specifically designed to meet the needs for national security and operations in the high north. Defence products such as the Naval strike missile (NSM), the Norwegian air defence system (NASAMS), the underwater surveillance technology (Hugin) and Kongsberg’s remote weapon station (Protector RWS) are all results of defence innovation projects where basic technology developed at FFI has been utilized for military purposes.


Strong and long-term priorities have resulted in development of technological edge within specific areas, giving Norway a competitive edge both within research and technology, and commercially through our defence industry. This makes us an attractive allied partner for industry collaboration and for collaboration within military operations and research and development.


Division Innovation and industrial development was established January 2018 to further improve and enhance the innovation ability at FFI and in the defence sector. This is a response to the rapidly changing environment we experience both related to technological development and threats faced by our armed forces in a more complex operational environment.


FFI’s industrial cooperation will be expanded to include military and civilian actors holding relevant expertise or technology for the armed forces. The division will develop and provide competence, infrastructure, methods and arenas for collaboration to enhance rapid innovation and development of solutions addressing emerging operational needs. Test and experimentation activities in collaboration with the military will be used as a driving force to develop new technological solutions and concepts based on rapidly adopting new technology.


Where military technology may be exploited to strengthen societal security in general, the division will enhance our efforts to generate spin-off industry from FFI.


The division coordinates and develops FFI’s extensive national and international research collaboration.

Research Director Hanne Marit Bjørk. Photo: FFI.
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