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​Illustrative photo: The Norwegian Defence.

Land Systems Division
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Land Systems Division supports the Army, the National Guard and the Armed Forces Special Forces with research-based knowledge in the spectrum of land systems and operational capabilities.
  • ​Combat Vehicles
  • Soldier Systems
  • Indirect Fire
  • Unmanned Land Systems
  • Ammunition and Rockets
  • Weapon Effects
  • Force Protection 
  • Material Technology
  • Combat Effectiveness Analyses

The support is based on in-depth knowledge of military land operations and their requirements, along with communication and involvement in ongoing development of capabilities, education, training and exercises. 
The Land Systems Division is engaged in the Norwegian Defence's plans for a qualitatively improved army, and works with long-range applied research and development. The division builds on knowledge of the scenarios and operative concepts in which land forces operate, assessing vulnerability and developing protective measures for all land systems. 
The work also encompasses renewal and upgrading of soldier systems and equipment, combat vehicles, sensors and weapons platforms, and infrastructure. In addition, the Land Systems Division conducts comprehensive research in material technology and development of ammunition. 
Knowledge of the effects of conventional weapons and protection are central areas of expertise, while knowledge and expertise in the area of unmanned systems for the Land forces will be developed.
The division assesses capacity and capability within the Armed Forces and recommends ways in which Norwegian land forces may be improved. The rapid development towards a Network based Defence has an impact on how the individual soldier is equipped and operates. 
The division cooperates with the Armed Forces and industry in developing the future soldier system Norwegian Modular Arctic Network Soldier (NORMANS). This work incorporates protection, sensors, weapons and communications. FFI also works on modern protection systems for military vehicles and military camps.
Research activity is organized into projects that typically last three years. Projects are structured in a manner that brings employees into close interaction with the Army and its officers. 
The Land Systems Division encompasses a range of different fields, mostly in the field of physics, mechanics and materials science. The wide range of disciplines represented within the division's staff is conducive to carrying out projects in a broad span of fields where people from distinctly different backgrounds collaborate to attain first class results. 
The Land Systems Division builds on an extensive cooperation with academia and research institutions, both inside Norway and abroad. Certain areas of research within the division are also relevant to police work and the work of security organizations.

Division director Jon E. Skjervold
Phone: + 47 63 80 72 05

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