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Scientists in protective gear investigates a parcel with unknown content. Photo: FFI
Protection and Societal Security Division
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The primary aim of the Protection and Societal Security Division is to provide recommendations and approaches to enhance and improve the resilience of our societies, both military and civilian, against natural, accidental and man-made crises.
  • ​Threat assessment
  • Prevention, protection and recovery measures
  • Vulnerability analysis and consequence assessments
  • Health and environmental effects
The Protection and Societal Security Division assesses civil preparedness and protection measures and the society’s vulnerability to a crisis event. The R&D activities include analyzing and evaluating civilian and military cross sector support, collaboration and challenges within a variety of crises, as well as communication strategies, supply emergencies and logistics. 
The Division provides recommendations to the Norwegian MoD, the Army and the civilian sector regarding such measures to strengthen our capacity against a crisis event.
This division provides safety and security measures against chemical (C), biological (B), radiological (R), nuclear (N) and explosive (E) agents, as well as other hazardous materials. The work also includes threat assessments, preparedness actions (prevent, protect and recover), vulnerability analyses and consequence assessments. 
Our aim is to support the Norwegian MoD, the Armed forces, the national authorities, first responders and any stakeholder in order to be best fit to prepare for and respond to CBRNE incidents. We do this by understanding the dispersion and dissemination of CBRNE agents and weapons, the consequence such releases may cause, the health impact on exposed individuals and the recovery strategies such incidents may require.
The Protection and Societal Security Division possesses the only laboratory in Norway to receive and prepare samples potentially containing CBR agents, either alone or in a mixture, for identification analysis. Our work is based on high scientific quality research and we continuously develop and establish methods for identification analysis of CBRE agents either on site or in the laboratory. 
We provide testing and evaluation of CBRNE equipment regarding their operational performance to provide recommendations to the end user. Such equipment may be detection/identification equipment, respiratory protection, clothing, or any material that may be subjected to such agents. 
A part of our research activities includes improving our nation’s capability to provide medical treatment to individuals, both military and civilian, that have been exposed to chemical threat agents, e.g. nerve agent poisoning. 
We identify and analyze representative scenarios as a tool for planning, for exercises and evaluation of crises and consequent management. 
Furthermore, our expertise includes dispersion modelling of any hazardous agent and ability to predict and assess consequences of such releases. This can enable emergency responders and authorities to take necessary actions. 
Other R&D activities at our division includes identifying current and emerging state-of-the-science technologies, products and approaches to sustain troop health and optimize performance in operational environments which can otherwise lead to reduced physical and cognitive performance capabilities.
The Norwegian Armed Forces are subject to strict environmental standards. 
The Protection and Societal Security Division assists in reporting to the environmental authorities the impact the activities from the Armed Forces has on the environment. 
The Division evaluates the environmental effects of pollution from munitions, smoke and heavy metal contamination in shooting and training fields. Our R&D work also includes assessment of possible health effects of emission from various weapons or other kinds of exposures.
The Division’s expertise is not exclusive for the Norwegian Army. Our mission is also to serve the civilian society and authorities, as well as any stakeholder addressing issues and challenges within our range of expertise.
Division Director Janet Martha Blatny
Phone: +47 63 80 78 27
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