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Artikler og rapporter
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"Violent Islamism in Egypt from 1997 to 2012"
Heidi Breen, FFI Research Note, No. 2013/01703
"Bomb-Making for Beginners: Inside al Al-Qaeda E-Learning Course"
Anne Stenersen, Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol. 7, No.1, 2013
"Single Actor Terrorism: Scope, Characteristics and Explanations"
Petter Nesser, Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol. 6, No. 6, 2012
"Al Qaeda's Foot Soldiers: A Study of the Biographies of Foreign Fighters Killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan Between 2002 and 2006"
Anne Stenersen, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 34:171–198, 2011
"Chronology of Jihadism in Western Europe Update 2008-2010"
Petter Nesser 
"The case for chasing al-Awlaqi"
Thomas Hegghammer,, 24 November 2010
"Lessons Learned from the July 2010 Norwegian Terrorist Plot"
Petter Nesser og Brynjar Lia, CTC Sentinel, Volume.3, Issue.8, August 2010 
"What is audio-visual jihadi propaganda? An overview of the content of FFI's jihadi video database"
Cecilie Finsnes, FFI-rapport 2010/00960
"Motstand og politikk i Irak"
Truls Hallberg Tønnessen, Babylon: Tidsskrift om Midtøsten og Nord-Afrika, Vol.8, Nr.1, 2010, pp. 20-31
"The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan: Organization, leadership and worldview"
Anne Stenersen, FFI-rapport 2010/00359
"Al-Qaeda’s Allies: Explaining the Relationship Between Al-Qaeda and Various Factions of the Taliban After 2001"
Anne Stenersen, Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative Policy Paper, New America Foundation, April 2010
"Hvor går al-Qaida?"
Anne Stenersen, Hvor hender det?, No.20, 12. April 2010
"Jihadi Salafis or Revolutionaries: On Religion and Politics in the Study of Islamist Militancy"
Thomas Hegghammer, in R Meijer (ed), Global Salafism: Islam's New Religious Movement, (London/New York: Hurst/Columbia University Press, 2009), pp. 244-266
"The Ideological Hybridization of Jihadi Groups"
Thomas Hegghammer, Current Trends in Islamist Ideology, 9 (November 2009)
"The big impact of small footprints"
Thomas Hegghammer,, 11 November 2009
"Islamist opposition in the Islamic Republic: Jundullah and the spread of extremist Deobandism in Iran"
Audun Kolstad Wiig, FFI-rapport 2009/01265
"Are the Afghan Taliban Involved in International Terrorism?"
Anne Stenersen, CTC Sentinel, 2, 9 (September 2009)
"Weapons of Mass Instruction? A preliminary exploration of the link between madrassas in Pakistan and militancy"
Qandeel Siddique, FFI-raport 2008/02326
"Bokanmeldelse av Iselin Nordenhaug & Jan Oskar Engene, Norge i kamp mot terrorisme"
Brynjar Lia, Oslo: Universitetsforlaget 2008. 172 sider, Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning, s. 405-407
"Truer verden med terrorangrep"
Brynjar Lia og Thomas Hegghammer, Kronikk om al-Qaida og internasjonal terrorisme i Dagsavisen, 15. august 2009, s 38-39
"Islamic Jihad Union: al-Qaida’s Key to the Turkic World?"
Einar Wigen, FFI-rapport 2009/00687
"The Struggle Within"
Thomas Hegghammer, Review of the documentary film "Recycle". Published in The National, 13 February 2009
"Al-Qaida – a challenge for Hamas?"
Are Hovdenak (PRIO), FFI-rapport 2009/00092
"Violent Trends in Algeria Since 9/11"
Hanna Rogan, CTC Sentinel, Volume.1, Issue.12, (November 2008)
"Al-Qaida’s online CBRN manuals: A real threat?"
Anne Stenersen og Brynjar Lia. Publisert som FFI-rapport 2007/02405. (The report is exempt from public disclosure. Government institutions may apply for access by sending a preliminary request to
"The Red Mosque operation and its impact on the growth of the Pakistani Taliban"
Qandeel Siddique, FFI-rapport 2008/01915
"Nuclear Terrorism: Hype, Hoax or Waiting to Happen? Nuclear ambitions and capabilities of terrorist organisations"
Anne Stenersen, In: Kari M Osland and Magnus Eriksson (eds.), Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century. Old Players, New Game - New Players, Old Game (Oslo: NUPI, 2008), pp 924 – 946
"Chronology of Jihadism in Western Europe 1994-2007: Planned, Prepared, and Executed Terrorist Attacks"
Petter Nesser, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 31, 10, October 2008: 924-946
"Doctrines for Jihadi Terrorist Training"
Brynjar Lia, Terrorism and Political Violence, 20, 4, s. 518–542, oktober 2008, (krever abonnement / subscription required)
"Training on a Battlefield: Iraq as a Training Ground for Global Jihadis"
Truls Hallberg Tønnessen, Terrorism and Political Violence, 20, 4, s. 543–562, oktober 2008, (krever abonnement / subscription required)
"Islamist violence and regime stability in Saudi Arabia"
Thomas Hegghammer, International Affairs, 84, 4 (2008): 701-715
"Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb Strikes Again"
Hanna Rogan, Perspectives on Terrorism, Volume II, Issue 8 (May 2008), pp. 23-28
"Al-Qaida’s Appeal: Understanding its Unique Selling Points"
Brynjar Lia, Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol 2, No 8, 2008
"Jihadi studies: The obstacles to understanding radical Islam and the opportunities to know it better"
Thomas Hegghammer, The Times Literary Supplement, 2 April 2008
"Lessons Learned from the September 2007 German Terrorist Plot"
Petter Nesser, CTC Sentinel, Volume.1, Issue.4, March 2008
"Deconstructing the Myth about al-Qa`ida and Khobar"
Thomas Hegghammer, CTC Sentinel, Volume.1, Issue.3, (February 2008)
"'We have some planes..' - Luftfarten som terrormål"
Truls Hallberg Tønnessen, Publisert som FFI-rapport 2008/00157
"Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon: Between global and local jihad"
Tine Gade, FFI-rapport 2007/02727
"Al-Qaeda's online media strategies: From Abu Reuter to Irhabi 007"
Hanna Rogan, FFI-rapport 2007/02729
"Abu Mus'ab al-Suri's Critique of Hard Line Salafists in the Jihadist Current"
Brynjar Lia, CTC Sentinel, Volume.1, Issue.1, 18 December 2007
"Osama bin Laden's true priorities"
Thomas Hegghammer, Op-ed article in The Guardian, 3 Dec 2007
"Al-Qaida Focuses on Saudi Oil"
Thomas Hegghammer, Oxford Analytica, 11 September 2007
"Abu Reuter and the E-Jihad: Virtual Battlefronts from Iraq to the Horn of Africa"
Hanna Rogan, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, vol. 8, no. 2, (Summer/Fall 2007) pp. 89-96
"Rejectionist Islamism in Saudi Arabia: The Story of Juhayman al-Utaybi Revisited"
Thomas Hegghammer og Stéphane Lacroix, International Journal of Middle East Studies, vol. 39, no. 1, 2007
"Maritim terrorisme - Nye trender"
Truls Hallberg Tønnessen, Publisert som FFI-rapport 2007/00015 
"Saudi militants in Iraq - backgrounds and recruitment patterns"
Thomas Hegghammer, FFI-rapport 2006/03875
"Al-Suri's Doctrines for Decentralised Jihadi Training - Part I", "Part 2"
Brynjar Lia, Terrorism Monitor, Volume 5, Issue 1/Part 1, Issue 2/Part 2, (January 18, 2007)
"Terrorist Recruitment and Radicalisation in Saudi Arabia"
Thomas Hegghammer, The Middle East Policy, 13, 4 (2006)
"The airliner plot" - en kort analyse av operasjonsmønster, motivasjoner og internasjonale forbindelser"
Petter Nesser, FFI-rapport 2006/03084
"Waziristan - impact on the Taliban insurgency and the stability of Pakistan"
Laila Bokhari, FFI-rapport 2006/02894
"Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: Death of an Icon"
Thomas Hegghammer,
"Reformprocesser og sikkerhedsudfordringer på Den Arabiske Halv?"
Thomas Hegghammer og Søren Hove, Center for Mellomøststudier, Syddansk Universitet 
"Paths to Global Jihad - Radicalisation and Recruitment to Terror Networks"
Laila Bokhari et al, FFI-rapport 2006/00935
"Jihadism Online: A study of how al-Qaida and radikal Islamist groups use the Internet for terrorist purpose"
Hanna Rogan, FFI-rapport 2006/00915
"Global Jihadism After the Iraq War"
Thomas Hegghammer, The Middle East Journal, vol. 60 no. 1 (2006), pp. 11-32
"Irak-konflikten i radikal islamistisk ideologi"
Thomas Hegghammer, Internasjonal Politikk, vol. 63 no. 4, 2005, pp. 351-370
"THE_LONDON_BOMBINGS.COM: An Analysis of Jihadist Website Discussion about the Attacks"
Hanna Rogan, FFI-NOTAT 2005/02970
"Terror mot jarnvegar: Eit oversyn over typiske terroraksjonar mot togpassasjertransport"
Brynjar Lia og Petter Nesser, Publisert som FFI-rapport 2005/01451
"Al-Qaida Statements 2003-2004: A compilation of translated texts by Usama bin Ladin and Ayman al-Zawahiri"
Thomas Hegghammer, FFI-rapport 2005/01428
"The slaying of the dutch filmmaker: Religiously motivated violence or Islamist terrorism in the name of global jihad?"
Petter Nesser, FFI-rapport 2005/00376
"Causes of terrorism: An Expanded and Updated Review of the Literature"
Brynjar Lia og Katja Skjølberg, FFI-rapport 2004/04307
"Palestina og global jihad"
Thomas Hegghammer, Babylon: Tidsskrift om Midtøsten og Nord-Afrika, Vol.2, Nr.2, okt 2004, s. 60–69.
"Jihadi Strategic Studies: The Alleged Al Qaeda Policy Study Preceding the Madrid Bombings"
Brynjar Lia og Thomas Hegghammer, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 27, 4, (Sep-Oct 2004): 355-375
"The Iraqi Hostage Crisis: abductions in Iraq April-August 2004"
Thomas Hegghammer, FFI-rapport 2004/03105
"Motiver for terroranslag mot norsk oljevirksomhet"
Åshild Kjøk, Publisert som FFI-rapport 2004/01682
"Satsing på forskning om samfunnssikkerhet og sårbarheter: Samfunnsvitenskaplige og humanistiske tilnærminger"
Brynjar Lia, FFI-notat 2004/01605
"Radikal islamisme i Pakistan og Kashmir. Fra lokal til global jihad?"
Laila Bokhari, FFI-rapport 2004/01583
"Jihad in Europe: A Survey of the motivations for Sunni Islamist terrorism in post-millennium Europe"
Petter Nesser, FFI-rapport 2004/01146
"Betraktninger om al-Qaidas ideologiske utvikling"
Thomas Hegghammer, FFI-NOTAT 2004/00811
"Terror mot drikkevann: En oversikt over terrorgruppers interesse for å ramme offentlig vannforsyning"
Brynjar Lia og Petter Nesser, Publisert som FFI-rapport 2003/01919
"Restoring Peace or Provoking Terrorism? Exploring the Links Between Multilateral Military Interventions and International Terrorism"
Åshild Kjøk, et al., FFI-rapport 2003/01547
"Terror mot transport: En revurdering av terrortrusselen mot transportrelaterte mål i lys av 11. september"
Brynjar Lia, Publisert som FFI-rapport 2003/00731 
"Irak og terrortrusselen: Eit oversyn over terrorgrupper med tilknytning til det irakiske regimet"
Brynjar Lia, FFI-rapport 2003/00940
"Dokumentasjon om al-Qaida - intervjuer, kommunikéer og andre primærkilder, 1990-2002"
Thomas Hegghammer, FFI-rapport 2002/01393
"Rett til sjølvforsvar mot terrorgrupper? - oversyn over enkelte problemstillingar og argument"
Vidar Hegge, FFI-rapport 2002/03524
"The Syrian involvement in Lebanon - an analysis of the role of Lebanon in Syrian regime security, from Ta'if to the death of Hafiz al-Asad (1980-2000)"
Erik Husem, FFI-rapport 2002/03005
"Atommateriale, gass og mikrober som terrorvåpen? - en undersøkelse av terrorgruppers interesse for og bruk av ikke-konvensjonelle våpen"
Brynjar Lia et al., FFI-rapport 2001/02930
"Terrorism and oil - an explosive mixture? - a survey of terrorist and rebel attacks on petroleum infrastructure 1968-1999 "
Åshild Kjøk, Brynjar Lia, FFI-rapport 2001/04031
"Islamist insurgencies, diasporic support networks, and their host states - the case of the Algerian GIA in Europe 1993-2000"
Brynjar Lia og Åshild Kjøk, FFI-rapport 2001/03789
"Militære installasjonar som terrormål i fredstid? Ein gjennomgang av faktiske terroranslag mot militære installasjonar på 1990-talet"
Brynjar Lia, Publisert som FFI-rapport 2001/03419
"Terrorism and organised crime in post-Soviet Russia"
Rolf-Inge Vogt Andresen, FFI-rapport 2001/03417
"Why terrorism occurs - a survey of theories and hypotheses on the causes of terrorism"
Brynjar Lia og Katja Skjølberg, FFI-rapport 2000/02769
The FFI-report "Why terrorism occurs" is also available in German.
"Warum es zu Terrorismus kommt: Ein Uberblick über Theorien und Hypothesen zu den Ursachen des Terrorismus"
Brynjar Lia og Katja Skjølberg, Journal für Konflikt- und Gewaltforschung, Vol. 6, No.1 (2004)
"Er sivil infrastruktur sannsynlege mål for terrorgrupper i fredstid? Nokre førebelse konklusjonar om terrorisme som tryggingspolitisk utfordring i Norge"
Brynjar Lia, Publisert som FFI-rapport 2000/01703
"Terrorism, political violence and organised crime - security policy challenges of non-state actors"
Brynjar Lia, Rolf-Inge Vogt Andresen, FFI-rapport 2000/06444
"Asymmetri, asymmetrisk krigføring, asymmetriske trugsmål - bruken av asymmetri-omgrepet i tryggingspolitisk og militærteoretisk litteratur"
Brynjar Lia, Rolf-Inge Vogt Andresen, FFI-rapport 2000/01718

Andre FFI-rapporter om terrorisme

"Jernbanestasjoner som mål for terror og sabotasje - utfordringer i sikkerhetsarbeidet"
Håvard Fridheim, FFI-rapport 2007/00233 
"Bekjempelse av internasjonal terrorisme - fra militærmakt til utviklingshjelp"
Annika S. Hansen et al., FFI-rapport 2006/01763
"Fighting terrorist finance : issues, impacts and challenges"
Gjermund Haslerud, Bent Sofus Tranøy, FFI-rapport 2005/02100
"Cyberspace som slagmark : refleksjoner omkring internett som arena for terrorangrep"
Iver Johansen, FFI-rapport 2004/01666
"When separatists become Islamists : the case of Chechnya"
Julie Wilhelmsen, FFI-rapport 2004/00445
"Samfunnsmessige konsekvenser ved transportsvikt"
Erlend Hoff, FFI-rapport 2003/01409
"Når religionen blir truet : årsaker til og konsekvenser av islamistiske gruppers sikkerhetisering av religion"
Anders Kjølberg, FFI-rapport 2003/00330
"Tackling terrorism together : potential benefits of civil-military cooperation in post-conflict territories - the Kosovo case"
Josefine Ingela Aaser, FFI-rapport 2003/00329
"EUs "nye" sikkerhetspolitikk: Bekjempelse av terrorisme og internasjonal kriminalitet"
Pernille Rieker, Bjørn Olav Knutsen, FFI-rapport 2003/01301
"NATO fra bolverk til nettverk"
Tore Nyhamar, FFI-rapport 2001/05918 
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