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Scientist Hilde Hafnor with assistants in FFI's virtual "Battle Lab". Photo: FFI
Cyber Systems and Electronic Warfare
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A majority of the division’s projects are aimed towards joint solutions for the Armed Forces and may be divided into three principal areas of research:
  • Network Based Defence
  • Electronic Warfare and Surveillance
  • Modelling and simulation

A Network Based Defence involves the use of information and communication technology to link actors together in a network, across military services and different organizational levels. The purpose is to increase operational capability through better coordination and more effective decision support systems. 
Projects include applied technology research in service oriented architectures and communications systems and studies related to organizational structures and the management of human resources. An understanding of how the Norwegian Defence may utilize the Cyber Domain has become increasingly important for the division as the society becomes steadily more interconnected and vital systems of infrastructure become more network based. 
Another major area for the division is Electronic Warfare. Ongoing work in this field includes projects in electronic warfare (EW), Surveillance and Electronic Support Measures (ESM) in networks.  
FFI’s work in EW includes the protection of platforms such as fighter aircraft and helicopters, communications EW and ESM. Given that missiles use either infrared or radar homing, systems of protection include both infrared EW (IR-EW) and radar EW. The division also does research on ESM to classify and detect emitters of radar signals.
The third research area is modelling and simulation (M&S). The division does research on technologies for network enabled training involving a blended environment of real operational systems, simulators and data generated forces. Simulators for training purposes and experimentation are areas of application, as well as M&S in support of planning and execution of operations.

Division Director: Anders Eggen
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