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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FFIs styre 2015


Styrets oppgaver

Styret har ansvar for de løpende forvaltnings- og driftsoppgavene ved instituttet, inkludert personellforvaltningen. 


Styret skal sørge for effektiv organisering og gjennomføring av den samlede virksomheten. Arbeidet skal skje i samsvar med instituttets formål og hovedoppgaver. Det skal skje ut fra den langsiktige innretting av instituttets virksomhet, som fastsatt av Forsvarsdepartementet (FD).


Styret utarbeider FFIs årlige budsjett. Det fremmer forslag til basisbevilgningen overfor FD, og avlegger regnskap og årsrapport til FD.



Styrets CV-er

Olaf Valeur (b. 1952)

Chairman of the Board (FFI) since 2012
Olaf Valeur was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Nammo group from its foundation until ​1999. At the same time he was Chairman in the boards of Nammo Raufoss AS, Nammo Sweden AB, Nammo Lapua Oy. After that he was COO in Thales Norway and started as an Entrepreneur in 2005. He has founded and co-founded several small companies. He is also working as an advisor both nationally and internationally. Mr Valeur served several years as Chairman in System Working Party (SWP) of Eurocom Technical Sub-Group (ETSG). Olaf Valeur qualified as a MSc at the Norwegian Institute of Technology.


Kristin Misund (b. 1965)


Member of the Board (FFI) since 2013
Kristin Misund is R&D Director at Borregaard since 2004 and holds a PhD in engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (1993). She has worked at Borregaard since 1993, first as a researcher, from 1994-1996 as group leader R&D Borregaard Synthesis, and until 2004 as R&D manager Borregaard Synthesis. She holds a board position at Oslofjordfondet, and is currently chairman of the board Innovation Norway – Oslo, Akershus and Østfold and is also chairman of the board of the NANO 20121 program Norwegian Research Council.


Jo G. Gade (b. 1951)


Member of the Board (FFI) since 2012
Jo G. Gade is Rear Admiral, and retired from the Royal Norwegian Navy in 2012. Gade has a broad national and international experience, ranging from the tactical to the strategic level. He has been a submarine commander, and held several staff positions at the Chief of Defence Staff in Oslo. Between 2003 and 2008, Gade was the Deputy in the Security Policy Division at the Norwegian Ministry of Defence in Oslo. He has 9 years of experience from the NATO headquarters in Brussels between 1990 and 2011. His last position was between 2008 and 2011 as Director Plans and Policy Division and Deputy Director General in the International Military Staff at NATO headquarters. Gade graduated from the Norwegian Naval Academy in 1975 and has completed the National Staff College and the National Defence College. He is member of the Senior Steering Group for NATO Special Operation Forces Headquarters in SHAPE, Belgium. At present, Gade is a Special Adviser at the Institute for Defence Studies in Oslo.



​Jørn Rangnes (b. 1956)​

Member of the Board (FFI) since 2011
Jørn Rangnes is Deputy Director of Regional Development Dept at Vestfold County Council. Over the past two decades, Rangnes has held positions as board member or director in research, business and innovation related companies and institutions, most recently as board member at Vestfold University College.  Rangnes was Head of Dept at the Ministry of Local Government 1986 – 1994, and Director General of The Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research 2007 – 2009. He graduated from The University of Oslo 1987 (Cand. Sociol).


Lise Reinertsen (b. 1964)

Member of the board (FFI) since 2015

Lise Reinertsen is Executive Vice President Business Development and Strategy at BKK AS. She has extensive management training and experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces (the Naval Academy and the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College). Lise Reinersten has broad experience from the Armed Forces as well as the private business sector, and she has held several board positions.

Berit Harstad Gilljam (b. 1973)

Member of the board (FFI) since 2015

Berit Harstad Gilljam is a researcher at the FFI Protection and Societal Security Division. She joined FFI in 2006, and her main research area is chemical warfare agents. She has worked as a project manager at FFI and participated in several EDA and EU projects within the CBRN area. Prior to her present FFI position, Berit Harstad Gilljam worked in the private industry sector.

Tor Berger (b. 1968)​

Member of the Board (FFI) since 2011
Tor Berger is Principal Scientist at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Tromsø (1996). He joined FFI in 1996, and has since then been project manager and research scientist involved in different projects and research areas. Since 2007 his main research area has been radar signal processing, covering basic research and prototype development, as well as direct support to operational systems within the Norwegian defence.


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