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FFI in short - facts and figures from 2015
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Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) was founded 11th of April 1946 and is organised as an administrative agency subordinate to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

FFI's mission

FFI is the prime institution responsible for defence related research in Norway. Its principal mission is to carry out research and development to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces.
FFI is the chief adviser on defence related science and technology to the political and military leadership. A particular task for the institute is to investigate aspects of the development in science and military technology that can influence our security policy or defence planning.
  • Established 1946
  • Staff 716 of which 514 scientific staff
  • Operating revenues 877,6 mill. NOK (2015)

Only major defence R&D organisation in Norway

  • Project organisation
  • Long and short term orientation
  • Joint planning and R&D between FFI, MoD and Defence Staff
  • Close relations and co-operation with the procurement agency

FFI's charter

  • Give advice to the MoD and the Chief of Defence on the potential implications of scientific technical development
  • Advice on the best use of military technology for Norwegian defence purposes
  • Undertake development of weapons and equipment as a basis of competitive national defence industry
  • Investigate geophysical areas of importance to defence
  • Contribute to the national scientific and technical, and to industrial development

Key figures 2015  

  • 697 man years
  • 167 ongoing projects and 182 smaller commissions
  • 406 FFI publications
  • 234 external publications
  • 688 lectures held by FFI employees
  • 129 professional and project related seminars organised by FFI, both in Norway and abroad
  • FFI cited or mentioned in the public media in Norway on 4388 occasions
  • International collaborations, participation in NATO STO
  • Collaborations with national and international industry
  • Bilateral collaboration projects with USA and others
  • Trilateral collaboration projects with UK and NL under ANNCP
  • Nordic collaborations
  • Ad hoc collaboration with other defence R&D laboratories
  • Participation in the international scientific community
  • Collaborations between MoD, FLO, FFI and industry in concept, development and production phases



 FFI turns knowledge and ideas into an effective defence


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