Ethics and integrity

Honesty and fairness is a basic ethical requirement and essential in order for FFI’s research and reputation to appear credible and trustworthy.

Good ethical conduct must be embedded in attitudes, and work on promoting attitudes must be embedded at all levels of the institute. Therefore, it is important that each employee at FFI both knows the regulations and the ethical guidelines, and complies with them.

Ethics at FFI


FFI shall be a workplace characterised by equality. We shall have mutual respect for one another, both management and staff, administrative staff and researchers.

At FFI, all forms of bullying or harassment are unacceptable. The institute has facilitated so that all employees should be able to notify of censurable conditions. 


At FFI, we value openness and allow for differences in opinion. We encourage our employees to ask critical questions and actively participate in discussions, including on matters of ethics. 


As employees, we shall support and contribute to the good reputation of the institute by loyally observing values, instructions and decisions.