We provide a wide range of research-based advice and recommendations to the defence sector and to public and private actors, including on societal security and emergency preparedness.

We advise on everything from training for use of technological equipment to support for long-term planning. Among other things, we advise on development, procurements and development of materiel for the Armed Forces.

FFI also has an important advisory role for the defence sector’s political and military leadership. We support the ongoing long-term planning in the sector with interdisciplinary knowledge and competence in the fields of technology, economics and defence and security policy.

In 2018, we prepared a new research plan for the institute for the period 2019–2022. This plan is an important part of FFI’s adviser role and is in response to a changing defence and security policy landscape, increasingly complex security challenges and far-reaching technological advances.

FFI’s research plan is therefore embedded in the long term plan for the defence sector and prepared in close collaboration with our most important contracting authorities, both within and outside the defence sector.