Contract research

FFI’s research activity is externally funded. Our main contracting authority is the Armed Forces and the defence sector, but we also solve many big and small assignments for others, including public and private organisations responsible for societal security and emergency preparedness.

FFI is the defence sector’s central research institute whose objective is to conduct applied research and development (R&D) in response to the needs of the defence sector. We can both advise and develop new solutions in-house.

All our work is conducted with insight into basic technologies and understanding of the security policy context, the tasks the Armed Forces must resolve and the security challenges civil society is facing.

Wide-ranging tasks and deliveries

Consequently, we are involved in a wide range of activities, both in terms of professional fields and types of work. We conduct basic and knowledge-building research, strategic advising, technical development, support for materiel procurements and phasing in and testing of military materiel.

In collaboration with the Armed Forces, the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency and the industry, we develop system solutions and demonstrators that provide resource-saving operational solutions.

We also collaborate closely with domestic and international research institutes and academia and transform theoretical results into practical advantages for our clients, both military and civilian.

R&D primarily has military purposes

R&D activities are mainly aimed at technology for military purposes, development of concepts for military operations and support and facilitation of procurements. A large part of the activities relate to the major weapons systems such as fighter aircraft, missiles, underwater vehicles and unmanned minesweeping.

However, some of the activities are more civil in nature. This may include contributing to civil protection measures and international cooperation. 

Organised into four research divisions

Research activities are mainly conducted in projects and assignments, and are organised into research programmes under areas of research and four research divisions:

  • Strategic Analyses and Joint Systems
  • Defence Systems
  • Comprehensive Defence
  • Innovation and Industrial Development

In 2019, FFI’s operating revenues will be approximately NOK 1 billion. Approximately 78 per cent of our research activities are externally funded and the Ministry of Defence and the defence sector are in a class of their own as our biggest contracting authority.