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    Through the search engine on this site you can find all unclassified FFI reports published after 2000.

    The majority of them have links to fulltext in pdf format and can be downloaded freely. When you have typed in your search keyword and generated a list of results, you may filter the search result by clicking on the "Rapporter" (meaning reports) link on the left hand side to only get results from research reports.



    FFI FACTS are printed sheets and leaflets, presenting FFIs ongoing projects or fields of research in brief. These handouts are factual information and scientific finding mainley ment for policy-makers, FFIs clients and collaborators.
    FFI FACTS are mainly in Norwegian. A full list of FFI FACTS are to be found on the norwegian site. The ones available in English are listed below:
    Defence Industrial Strategy
    Triaxial collabotionration

    Analysis division

    Cyber Systems and Electronic Warfare

    Networked collaboration: Exploring future opportunities

    EKKO II - digital radar jamming


    Air and Space Systems Division

    RIMFAX - A Ground Penetrating Radar for NASA's next Mars Rover Mission

    AISSat-1 – Norway’s first observation satellite

    Space-based Surveillance


    Land Systems Division

    Norwegian Modular Network Soldier (NORMANS)


    Maritime Systems Division

    Hugin - world class AUV  

    Outwitting modern sea mines
    Sonars and the marine environment

    Protection Division

    FFI – The Norwegian Research Centre on CBRNE Protection

    Effects of Nuclear Weapons

    CBRN warning system

    Cargo Ammunition
    Biological Threat Agents
    Detecting intruders
    Non freezing cold injury
    Non Proliferation and Disarmament
    Norwegian Modular Network Soldier (NORMANS) 


    FFI-FOCUS is a magazine presenting themes form the full range of FFIs research - everything fro defense planning to military technological conditions. FFI-FOCUS are printed mainly in Norwegian, but some are also available in English:
    FFI-FOCUS 2/2012:
    The threat of bioterrorism: Identifying the unknown
    - download PDF magazine
    - download online magazine
    FFI-FOCUS 1/2008:
    Jihadism online
    - download PDF magazine
    FFI-FOCUS 3/2004:
    FFI - The National Centre for Research in Protection Against Chemical Weapons
    - download PDF magazine
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