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​The new frigates have long-range sonars. FFI investigates how the whale reacts on sonar pulse.
Photo: Sanna Kuningas
Maritime Systems Division
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The main thrust of the work of the Maritime Systems Division is to contribute to the transformation and modernisation of Norwegian maritime forces through the development and provision of relevant technical solutions and expertise.
  • ​Concept and systems development
  • Operational experimentation
  • Marine environment studies

The Maritime Systems Division is engaged in both long term and applied research and development, with ongoing projects in experimentation, test and evaluation, concept and systems development for frigates, missile torpedo boats, and submarines. The division is also engaged in concept and systems development involving vessels utilised in sea mine warfare and autonomous underwater vehicles and the interface between them.

R&D at the Maritime Systems Division is particularly focused on marine environment combat systems, combat management systems, sensor systems, navigation systems, and communications and weapons systems. A detailed knowledge and understanding of the geophysical conditions that affect these systems and how to capitalise on these conditions is a key element in the division’s work, as is the study of how sensors and weapons systems influence the marine environment.

The division strives to devise readily applied technological solutions that give greater value to the Armed Forces as a whole and to the Norwegian Navy in particular. There is a close interchange between military professionals and division staff that keeps the work correctly oriented and relevant to the needs of the Armed Forces. A number of officers are assigned to certain projects at all times.

The work of the Maritime Systems Division is carried out both at FFI headquarters at Kjeller and at Horten. A broad spectrum of technical fields is represented in the backgrounds of the research staff, including acoustics, signal processing, systems architecture, engineering cybernetics, physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science, data processing, combat systems, sonar systems, geophysics, computer technology, communications, navigation, meteorology, and biology.

The depth of the division’s human resources opens for participation in a wide range of projects; these projects in turn directly benefit in quality from the contributions of individuals with quite different backgrounds pulling together to achieve good results.

The division has numerous international contacts, and actively seeks highly competent research associates who are working in full time positions at universities and technical colleges, both inside Norway and abroad.

Division Director: Elling Tveit 
Tel: +47 33 03 38 01

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