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The Joint2013 research activity investigated ways of using real time collaboration/gaming technologies to teach cadets about joint operations. Photo: FFI.
Sinett Symposium
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On the 28th and 29th of April, 2014, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) will arrange a symposium called Collaborative networking: From Individuals with Information to Collective Comprehension.

​The symposium is organised by Sinett a project group at FFI whose name is an abbreviation for collaborative networking. Sinett’s research focus is at the intersection between information technology and people – a challenging, yet crucial, element of an increasingly networked society.


Network based defence

The Norwegian Defence is increasingly digitised and has a stated aim of moving towards a network based defence, to create a more flexible organisation that can tackle future challenges. FFI is an important research partner and advisor in this process.
In this context the use of available civilian technologies, with its ease of use, is of great interest. 
At the same time the Norwegian Defence deals with important collaboration-related issues such as trust and cultural diversity, how different technologies affect collaboration outcomes and how to improve users situational awareness and reduce misunderstandings

These issues cannot be solved through technology alone, but need to consider the “socio-technical” complex.

Collaborative networking

This symposium will highlight a range of relevant research areas that all pivot around the core issue of relevance to a network based defence: 
How do we move beyond the initial and simple benefits that we get from digitising existing ways of working, and achieve a truly networked way of collaborating through current and near-future technologies?
We will explore the opportunities and challenges that exist in the field of networked collaboration, and situate these within the plans for network based defence in Norway, and Norway’s particular situation. 
At this symposium you can learn more about the research that Sinett is doing and engage with researchers and representatives from organisations and companies around the world who will discuss current and emerging trends. You will also be able to meet a wide range of people from different areas of the Norwegian Defence and there will be ample networking opportunities.
The symposium runs for two days, the second day is a part of the regular FFI seminar series, and will give ample opportunity for discussion of the topics raised.


Oslo Militære Samfund, Myntgaten 3, Oslo

Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th of April

You can participate on day one, day two or both. Please tell us what days you plan to participate when you register.
By email or
By phone +47 63 80 72 07

Program Day 1 - 28th of April
Program Day 2 - 29th of April


  • Mapping and visualization: From sight to insight
  • Communication and information sharing in volatile situations: Trust, organization and opportunities in the digital space
  • Learning, training and sharing by digital means: Disseminating digitised knowledge 
  • Information Interaction
  • Future of Network based Defence: New perspectives
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