The direction and ambiton of FFIs research

FFI’s research plan – OUTLOOK – provides direction for FFI’s focus on research and technology development in the period 2019–2022 and beyond.

OUTLOOK provides facts, insights and knowledge to the Armed Forces, the defence sector and important parts of civilian society.

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New challenges

Internationally, we are witnessing a changing defence and security policy landscape, increasingly complex security challenges and far-reaching technological advances. FFI’s research plan for 2019–2022 is our research response to these challenges. In part 1, OUTLOOK, we provide a concise and overarching view of some of the development aspects and challenges we consider most significant for the defence sector.

The research plan reflects the challenges the Norwegian Armed Forces are facing now and in the years to come. The picture is characterised by both symmetrical and asymmetric security policy challenges.
In addition, we see large-scale technological change where the key concepts are

The research plan is anchored in the Long Term Plan for the Norwegian Armed Forces and prepared in close collaboration with our most important contracting authorities, both within and outside the defence sector.
The research plan rests on the condition that the level of ambition for research and development (R&D) will continue at the current level and that the balance between long-term research and contract research will be maintained from 2019 to 2022.