Anvendelser av SAR-bilder fra satellitter over land

FFI-Report 2019
Reidar L. Lillestøl Knut Eldhuset Tonje Nanette Hannevik Atle Onar Knapskog Richard Olsen Kjell Viken
This report surveys the possibilities for using SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) over land areas. As the quality and accessibility of SAR images get better and better, a wide range of methods are available. Polarimetry can be used to see the difference between scatterers like buildings and vegetation. Interferometry can be used for many types of height measurements, for example topography, estimating the height of objects and detecting height changes on a millimeter scale. This report describes several types of change detection, which can be used to see displacements of vehicles/ships and other objects. Change detection can also be used to see whether roads and agricultural areas have been in use as well as terrain changes. The report gives an introduction to SAR theory, as well as descriptions of many existing and future SAR satellites.

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