Changes in inoperability for interdependent industry sectors in Norway from 2012 to 2017

Scientific article 2021
Stig Rune Sellevåg
The purpose of this work has been to investigate changes in interdependencies between Norway's mainland industry sectors and how it might affect national security. To this end, the interdependencies were analysed by using the demand-reduction inoperability input-output model and national account data for the time period 2012–2017. The construction sector and the food industry sector are very important industries for mainland Norway. The construction sector has also increased its influence from 2012 to 2017. Because of the large influence these sectors exercise on other sectors, disruptions to the construction sector or the food industry may seriously impact the national security of Norway. Norway's agricultural sector, in particular, is very fragile towards disruptions to the food industry. Efforts to enhance the resilience of the agriculture and the food industry should therefore continue. With increasing digitisation and automation of the construction industry, it is necessary to get more knowledge on how this will affect the interdependencies between the construction industry and other sectors, and the potential vulnerabilities that follows. It is also recommended to gain more knowledge about the importance of the construction sector and construction workers for maintaining critical national infrastructures during crises.

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Sellevåg, Stig Rune. Changes in inoperability for interdependent industry sectors in Norway from 2012 to 2017. International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection 2021 ;Volum 32.

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