The Norwegian Defence Industry – main figures for 2022

FFI-Report 2023
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Mari Paulsrud
We have studied key figures for 2022 in the defence industry in Norway. This industry reported a 13 % growth in defence-related revenue. The revenue from the Norwegian Armed Forces, the revenue from other Norwegian customers and the revenue from foreign customers all increased. All business sizes except micro-enterprises reported an increase in defence-related revenue. The increase in revenue from foreign customers is mainly due to increased export (+15 %). The revenue from foreign subsidiaries increased as well (+7 %). Research and development (R&D) decreased by 21 %. Both internally funded R&D and R&D funded by others declined. The defence-related order backlog increased by 39 %. The total number of defence-related full-time equivalents (FTE) increased by 4 %. The number of full-time equivalents in Norway (FTEs) increased by 8 %, while the number of foreign FTEs decreased by 4%. The statistics for 2022 are based on reported numbers from 87 enterprises, which is four fewer than last year.

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