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The internet is a widely used channel for spreading terrorism propaganda.
FFI’s Terrorism Research Group (TERRA)
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The TERRA-project was established in 1999 to study terrorism and asymmetrical threats to Norwegian and international security.

Since then, the project has published internationally recognized research on terrorism and militant Islamism in particular.  After the 22 July 2011 terrorist attacks in Norway, FFI decided that TERRA shall also conduct research on right-wing terrorism and militancy.


Our researchers work exclusively with open sources and concentrate on the actors behind terrorist acts.  We are particularly interested in questions related to group formation, recruitment, radicalization, ideology, strategy and tactics. Our research team includes historians and political scientists with relevant language skills and area knowledge.


We cooperate with a range of national and international research institutions, and give advice to the Norwegian Armed Forces as well as other relevant Norwegian government institutions. 

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