Asymmetric warfare

How can the Armed Forces’ special forces be ahead of the curve regarding technological developments?

Technological development occurs rapidly in society and it also affects the military. This is especially the case with the Armed Forces’ Special Operation Forces, which should and must be at the cutting edge of these developments. 

The purpose of the project is to support the leadership of the Armed Forces’ Special Operation Forces with various analyses and technology studies. Thus advising on the continuing development of the special forces as an important capacity for the Armed Forces.

We shall deliver strategic analyses, technological advice and support for the Special Operation Forces’ planning efforts. As well as serving as an offensive think tank, bridge builder between communities and a catalyst for innovation. An important additional service is to establish arenas for cooperation and coordinate research and development activities for the Armed Forces’ Special Operation Forces.

We shall also be an active technology scout for the Special Operation Forces. This entails developing and testing concrete solutions that address the Special Operation Forces’ needs for technology and equipment.

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