Innovation and Industrial Development

This division shall promote innovation capacity at FFI and in the defence sector by further developing the close cooperation between the Armed Forces, FFI and the industry – also know as the Triaxial collaboration model

We also advise the Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces and the Defence Materiel Agency on measures to strengthen the capacity to produce the solutions the Armed Forces needs. 
We advise the same actors on how we can succeed in developing defence technology and industry that correspond with prioritised national needs of significance to our national security.

Utilising civil technology

Rapid civil technology development is one of several development aspects the Armed Forces must be capable of using to its advantage in the development of new solutions and materiel procurements. Rapid civil technology development also results in a rapidly changing threat landscape. The needs of the Armed Forces are therefore also quickly changing and must be addressed through rapid provision of suitable countermeasures. 

The division advises on the consequences of technological trends for Norwegian military operations and assists the Armed Forces’ special forces in the long-term development of concepts, technology and equipment by serving as technology scouts and “first movers” on the use of new technology.

Developing and experimenting

Increased collaboration between civil and military research and development (R&D) and technology to extract the potential of dual use will become increasingly important. The division will develop arenas and networks where users, researchers and the industry collaborate to develop and experiment with existing and new technology. Early exposure of technology and solutions for relevant user environments has been shown to be an effective tool to stimulate more rapid innovation.

With a basis in research and technology from FFI, efforts are now being strengthened to increase spin-offs from the institute. This will occur both through established industry and start-ups. At the same time, it is important to ensure good administration of the institute’s and defence sector’s intellectual property.

The division is responsible for developing and coordinating FFI’s national and international cooperation, including participation in defence-related research cooperation in NATO, the EDA and the EU.


Jan Erik Torp
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Innovation and Industrial Development