Strategic ​Analyses and Joint Systems

This is a wide-ranging division where all research occurs in projects, distributed across five areas. Together, these areas shall fulfil three main objectives:

  • First, we shall ensure coherence between the Armed Forces’ tasks, structure, operational capacity and finances.
    In brief, this is about supporting the Armed Forces’ long-term planning. In this work, we utilise competence and results from several fields, including global trend studies, Russia research, operational analysis and economy in the defence sector. 
  • We shall also strengthen the Armed Forces’ grip on cyber operations and the electromagnetic spectrum.
    How can this be controlled and how can operations be managed therein? This is an increasingly important aspect of military activities and we shall strengthen the Armed Forces in this field through a combination of in-depth technological knowledge and competence on holistic planning.
  • Furthermore, we shall actively provide support for FFI’s advisory function.
    Here, the five areas of research and their management will play a key role. 

The division’s five areas of research

Cyber security and operations

Work on the development of Norwegian cyber capabilities, including technological developments and trends, future vulnerabilities and threats and cryptology.

Electromagnetic operations

Comprises both offensive and defensive operations, as well as support measures in electronic warfare (EW).

Defence modelling

Covers studies of Russia, global trends, simulations and exercises and the links between the Armed Forces’ tasks structure and operational capacity (defence analysis).

Economy in the defence sector

Comprises cost analysis, efficient use of resources, logistics, as well as personnel and competence and enables us to see the balance between the structure and finances of the Armed Forces. 

Operational information and communications technology (ICT)

Aimed at the Armed Forces’ systems for command, control, communication and information (the Armed Forces’ combat-related ICT solutions).


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