Russian military strategy and decision making

How should we relate to Russia militarily?


Russia is an important global power, not least in the High North, and the country is therefore in a unique position among Norway’s potential security challenges. In brief, developments in Russia affect how we develop our defence.  

The Armed Forces and the Norwegian government therefore require in-depth knowledge of the developments in Russian defence and security policy, and FFI supports these efforts through a separate research project. In this manner, we can concretise the significance Russia will have for Norway and NATO in the forthcoming years and determine the course of the defence of the future. 

In previous Russia projects, we have studied the structural reforms and materiel modernisation of the Russian military since 2008. In this project, we will focus on how we envisage that Russia will use its military force, and how it makes decisions on the use of military force. We are also planning a continuation of FFI’s research on topics including Russian defence economy, defence industry and military technology.


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Tor Bukkvoll

Senior Research Fellow (B.A., M.A., PhD)
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Senior Research Fellow (B.A., M.A., PhD)

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Research fellow (BA, MA)

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