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​A T-50 flies at an air show in 2011. Photo: ​Dmitry Zherdin. 

FFI seminar: Russia's Defence Industry
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Russia is currently the fourth largest defence spender in the world. But is Russia's defence industry an engine for economic growth?

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Only the USA, China and Saudi Arabia spend more. Much of the money is spent on a very ambitious rearmament program. In 2015, Russia spent 2.4 % of its GDP on arms alone. In comparison, the USA spent 3 % of its GDP on all defence expenditures combined.

These huge defence expenditures are controversial, also within Russia itself. Critics claim that they come at the expense of for example education and health, and that they in the long run will weaken Russia as a great power by damaging the prospects for economic growth.


Proponents of large defence spending, on the other hand, argue that the defence expenditures are necessary to maintain Russian security, and that the defence industry will function as a locomotive for economic growth and technological renewal.

Since 2013, FFI has studied these questions in cooperation with the Center for the Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow (CAST), the Defence Research Agency (FOI) in Stockholm, the University of Birmingham and Cranfield University. The project has been funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Based on our findings, we will at this seminar discuss both why Russia has chosen to spend so much on defence, to what extent the defence industry has been able to turn the money into new arms.


Furthermore, we will explore what the short- and long-term consequences of the defence spending are likely to be for the rest of the Russian economy. We will also compare Russian defence outlays and defence industrial developments with international trends.


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ffi-seminar 11. october

Oslo Militære Samfunds lokaler, Myntgaten 3, Oslo

Tirsdag 11. october fra kl. 08.30-15.00

Key-note speech: Dr. Sergei Aleksasjenko, Brookings Institution
Chair: Tor Bukkvoll, FFI
Chair: Susanne Oxenstierna, FOI
Chair: Una Hakvåg, FFI

Tlf: 63 80 72 07

Download full program (pdf)

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