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Anne Stenersen
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Research Fellow (B.A., M. Phil., Dr. Philos.)

​Research areas:
Radical Islamism
al-Qaida and CBRN
Jihadism and the Internet
The Middle East and Afghanistan


Anne Stenersen is a research fellow at FFI’s Terrorism Research Group. With an academic background rooted in Middle Eastern studies, Arabic and Russian, she has conducted research on militant Islamism, with a focus on CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) terrorism, al-Qaeda’s use of the Internet, and the Taliban insurgency.

Ms. Stenersen has a B.A. in Cultural and Social Sciences from the University of Bergen, and an M.Phil in Asian and African Studies from the University of Oslo. She has recently finished a doctorate on The Taliban insurgency and al-Qaeda-Taliban relations.

She has presented her research findings at various conferences in Norway as well as abroad, and to the media.

Ms. Stenersen’s recent publications include:

"Bomb-Making for Beginners: Inside al Al-Qaeda E-Learning Course," Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol. 7, No.1, 2013

"Al Qaeda's Foot Soldiers: A Study of the Biographies of Foreign Fighters Killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan Between 2002 and 2006," Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 34:171–198, 2011

"Al-Qaeda’s Allies: Explaining the Relationship Between Al-Qaeda and Various Factions of the Taliban After 2001," New America Foundation, April 2010

Office phone: +47 63 80 77 45

Anne Stenersen. Photo: FFI
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