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This video is a visualisation of the VDE-SAT communications concept. Video: FFI.
VDE-SAT communications concept
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The satellite in this illustration is in polar low earth orbit. It is orbiting the earth 15 times a day and covering Arctic and Antarctic waters approximately every 95 minutes.

​Ships around the world are shown as white dots on the map.The green circles we see propagating from the satellite illustrate the transmission of messages.


The radio signal carrying the messages reaches ships within the field of view of the satellite. That is approximately 5000 km in diameter.  Within this area, ships can receive messages from the satellite as well as transmit messages to the terrestrial network and requests to service providers.

Ships that are in the receiver group turn green when they receive the message. Ships that send messages or requests via the satellite turn red. This shows that the VDE-SAT link is indeed a communication link for data exchange.

VDE-SAT will use maritime VHF radio equipment that is mandatory on board ships.  Small ships all over the world, which do not carry satellite communication equipment, will therefore also benefit from VDE-SAT communications.

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