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Alexander W. Beadle
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Research Fellow (B.A., M.A.)

​Research areas:

  • Protection of civilians in military operations
  • Global trends and future military operations
  • Cognitive pitfalls in defence planning
Alexander W. Beadle is a research fellow at a CD&E-funded project on Protection of Civilians, as well as a new project on Global Trends and Military Operations. He received his B.A. in War Studies and M.A. in Conflict, Security & Development from King’s College London.
Particular fields of interest include military strategy, peace and stabilisation operations since 1990, as well as the rationale and methods of violence against civilians in conflicts around the world today.
His research has primarily focused on how military force can be used to protect civilians from perpetrators of violence. He was the main author of a military planning and assessment guide for the protection of civilians in NATO operations, which has since been adapted for use in UN peace operations. He has also been involved in the development of NATO’s policy and operational concept for the protection of civilians.

At present, he is leading a project on the future security environment for the Norwegian Armed Forces. This includes research on cognitive pitfalls that are particularly common in long-term defence planning. He is also running a three-year prediction tournament (FFIs prediksjonsturnering), which seeks to measure the forecasting ability of the Norwegian defence and security community.
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Alexander W. Beadle. Foto: FFI
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