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Bård Eggereide
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Principal scientist (MSc)

Research areas:

  • International operations
  • Operational analysis
  • Assessment

Bård Eggereide is a principal scientist at FFI, where he has worked as an operational analyst since 1999. He has a MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. In 2008-2009, he deployed to Afghanistan as an analyst.


After the deployment, his research has mainly been on Afghanistan, in particular on a semiannual opinion polling conducted in Faryab province and assessment in general. Bård are also doing studies related to personnel in the Norwegian Armed Forces.


Selected publications:

Elin Marthinussen Gustavsen, Bård Eggereide, Steinar Gulichsen, Mikael K. Fidjeland, Andreas Barstad, Jonas Myhre Christiansen, Svein E. Martinussen and Joachim Reitan (2017). The Role of the Operational Analyst – Support to the Norwegian Armed Forces in Afghanistan
FFI-rapport 2017/00069


Elin Marthinussen and Bård Eggereide (2015). Faryab Survey wave 9 – two years after the redeployment of Norwegian forces from Faryab
FFI-rapport 2015/00413


Elin Marthinussen, Bård Eggereide, Frode Rutledal and Alf Christian Hennum (2010). Progress Assessment in a Multinational Operation – a Norwegian Perspective
4th IMA Conference on Analysing Conflict Transformation, University of Oxford


Bård Eggereide, Frode Rutledal and Alf Christian Hennum (2010). Lessons Learned in the Norwegian Defence – Who Learns What, and Why?
Analytical Support to Defence Transformation (SAS-081)

Tlf: + 47 63 80 77 78


Bård Eggereide. Foto: FFI.
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