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Elin Marthinussen Gustavsen
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Principal scientist (Cand. Scient.)

Research areas:

  • International operations
  • Operational analysis
  • Assessment

Elin Marthinussen Gustavsen is a principal scientist at FFI. She has a Cand. Scient. Degree in Astronomy from the University of Oslo, and has worked as an operational analyst at FFI since 2006.


In 2009, she deployed to Afghanistan as an analyst. After the deployment, her research has mainly been on Afghanistan, in particular on a semiannual opinion polling conducted in Faryab province and assessment in general. In addition, she supports annual military exercises.


Tlf: + 47 63 80 77 89


Selected publications:


Elin Marthinussen and Bård Eggereide (2015). Faryab Survey wave 9 – two years after the redeployment of Norwegian forces from Faryab
FFI-rapport 2015/00413


Elin Marthinussen, Bård Eggereide, Frode Rutledal and Alf Christian Hennum (2010). Progress Assessment in a Multinational Operation – a Norwegian Perspective
4th IMA Conference on Analysing Conflict Transformation, University of Oxford


RTO Technical Report SAS-091 (2012). NATO Operations Assessment: A Case Study Based on Planning for Transition in Afghanistan


Sjefsforsker Elin Marthinussen Gustavse. Foto: FFI.
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