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History of analysis support
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FFI’s work to deliver and build knowledge relevant to provide analysis support to military operations took a leap forward with the Analysis Support to Military Operations (ANTILOPE) series of project (2008–2015).

Through ANTILOPE I and ANTILOPE II, FFI has developed and maintained knowledge on the use of operational analysis in support to military operations, both as a concept and in practice. The project series has continuously supported the Norwegian armed forces in exercises, planning processes and operations.


In 2008-2013, we deployed analysts to Afghanistan to support the Norwegian troops. ANTILOPE and FFI offered reach-back to support the deployed analysts throughout this period.


One of the main tasks of the deployed analysts was to carry out comprehensive progress assessments in the province of Faryab. In order to include the Afghan society in the assessments, ANTILOPE, in cooperation with the Norwegian lead Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT Maimanah), developed an opinion polling to be held twice a year in Faryab. The data was analyzed by ANTILOPE and the reach-back function at FFI.

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