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​​International military forces on patrol in Haiti. Photo: FFI
Concept Development and Military Operations
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FFI has produced research on concept development and military operations for the Norwegian Armed Forces since 2001.

The Concept Development and Operations project brings together four areas of research to offer a wider set of analytical insights relevant to military operations:

  • Analysis support to military operations
  • Challenges in international military operations
  • Concept and capacity development
  • Analysis support to military exercise and war games

More information on the four research areas:


Operational analysis support to military operations

We develop and maintain FFI’s ability to provide operational analysis support to military operations. Operationally, the project will ensure that FFI maintain the capability to deploy analysts to international operations, and support the deployed analyst and the mission with a strong reach-back function at the FFI.


The project includes both qualitative and quantitative research. An example of quantitative support is the series of surveys in Faryab province, providing the only unclassified time series data at the Afghan provincial level.

Read about the history and some of the publications of analysis support to military operations


Challenges in international military operations

We ensure research-based knowledge about new challenges and demands in the use of military force in international operations.

The research includes a doctoral dissertation on the use of military force to protect civilians. The research question is to explain the variations in the ability of UN forces to protect civilians. The answer is based on an empirical analysis of UN protection operations of the UN 1999-2014. This is an academic project with practical implications for future troop contributors, including Norway.

  • Here is the history of research on international operations
  • Find out more about what research on international military operations can offer students 


Concept and capacity development

Based on a structured mapping of recent international operations, we develop the most relevant scenarios for the Norwegian Armed Forces in international operations in the short term (3-5 years), and study how to succeed and measure success of the use of military means.


Analysis support to military exercise and war games

Writing scenarios for war games and exercises has been done at the FFI at least since the 1980s. We develop FFI’s competence on exercises and games, the practical understanding of National crisis management in Norway; scenario methodology for crisis management; and actively engage in planning for exercises for the Armed Forces.

The objective is to develop and maintain FFI’s competence within these areas, creating institutional memory and reducing vulnerability for loss of knowledge. The production and assistance of games and exercises themselves will depend upon outside funding in each individual case.

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