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Tor Bukkvoll
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Senior Research Fellow (B.A., M.A., PhD)
​Research areas:
  • Russian military and security politics
  • Russian and Ukrainian foreign policy
  • Ukrainian politics
  • Russian and Ukrainian arms industries
Tor Bukkvoll has studied political developments in Russia and Ukraine since the mid-1990s, especially in the areas of defence and security. He speaks Russian and Ukrainian, and obtained his PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Bukkvoll has spent much time in Russia and Ukraine.
Bukkvoll was a visiting research fellow at the Changing Character of War program at the University of Oxford in 2008, worked as an associate professor of international relations at the Norwegian Military Academy 1996-1999, and has previously also worked at Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO).

Selected publications


Roger N. McDermott and Tor Bukkvoll (2018) "Tools of Future Wars – Russia is Entering the Precision-Strike Regime", The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, Vol. 31, No.2, 191–213.


Tor Bukkvoll, Tomas Malmlöf and Konstantin Makienko (2017) "The Defence Industry as a Locomotive for Technological Renewal in Russia – are the preconditions in place?", Post-Communist Economics, Vol. 29, No. 2, 232–249.


Tor Bukkvoll (2016) Russian Special Operations Forces in Crimea and Donbas, Parameters, (46)2 Summer 2016.


Tor Bukkvoll (2016) “Why Putin went to war: ideology, interests and decision-making in the Russian use of force in Crimea and Donbas”, Contemporary Politics, Vol. 22, No.3.


Tor Bukkvoll (2015) “Military Innovation Under Authoritarian Government - the Case of Russian Special Operations Forces”,  Journal of Strategic Studies, Vol. 38, No. 5, pp. 602-625.


Tor Bukkvoll (2015) “Technology and Warfare – the Implications of Change, Especially for Small States”, in Gudrun Persson, Carolina Vendil Pallin and Tommy Jeppson (eds.), Military Thinking in the 21st Century, The Royal Swedish Academy of Military Sciences.

Tor Bukkvoll, "The Russian Defence Industry – status, reforms and prospects", FFI-rapport 2013/00616
Tor Bukkvoll (2011) Iron cannot fight – The Role of Technology in Current Russian Military Theory, Journal of Strategic Studies, Volume 34, No.5.
(reprinted in Thomas G. Mahnken and Joseph A. Maiolo, 2014, Strategic Studies: A Reader, London, Routledge)
Tlf: 63 80 77 33


Tor Bukkvoll. Foto: FFI
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