The Watermark benchmark for underwater acoustic modulation schemes

Vitenskapelig artikkel 2017
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Paul van Walree François-Xavier Socheleau Roald Wilhelm Otnes Trond Jenserud
Watermark is a freely available benchmark for physical-layer schemes for underwater acoustic communications. It allows researchers to test and compare algorithms for the physical layer under realistic and reproducible conditions. The benchmark is a shell around the validated channel simulator Mime, which is driven by at-sea measurements of the time-varying impulse response. The first release of Watermark is issued with a library of channels measured in Norway (two sites), France, and Hawaii, offering three frequency bands (4-8, 10-18, and 32.5-37.5 kHz), single-hydrophone and array receivers, and play times varying from 33 s to 33 min.


Walree, Paul van; Socheleau, François-Xavier; Otnes, Roald Wilhelm; Jenserud, Trond. The Watermark benchmark for underwater acoustic modulation schemes. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering 2017 ;Volum 42.(4) s. 1007-1018

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