German-Norwegian relations in security and defence? What kind of partnership?

Vitenskapelig artikkel 2021
Oppsummeringen er ikke tilgjengelig på norsk
Bjørn Olav Haram Knutsen
The article contributes to the debate on European defence cooperation and integration by analysing the German–Norwegian security and defence partnership. I define this partnership as being based upon mutual interests and values, and one in which the minor partner has important resources to contribute which accord with the larger partner’s interests and values. The article analyses this partnership within the framework of European integration and Atlantic cooperation, and in terms of how the discourse on strategic autonomy shapes the partnership. The article discusses two specific areas of cooperation, the High North and German–Norwegian collaboration on defence procurement. When analysing this relationship, I argue that Norway applies strategies such as acting as an external resource, adaptation and shielding to influence German policies vital to Norwegian security.


Knutsen, Bjørn Olav Haram. German-Norwegian relations in security and defence? What kind of partnership?. European View 2021

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